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2013 BRAVO Week

Sunday, 22 September 2013

   Employees, Andy Gomez (L) and Sue Butler (R)

Paxton Van Lines was in good cheer, as the smoke from the grill engulfed the entire block. Employees, drivers, and friends gathered around the company grill for the annual BRAVO Week Cookout to round out the week’s festivities.

As tradition would have it, long time employee and master of the grill, George Pugh took his post for the 7th consecutive year, behind the grill for six straight hours, sprinkling his guarded seasoning, exciting our taste buds, and having us beg for more. This year’s menu included hamburgers, ball park franks, turkey burgers, and newly added veggie chipotle black bean burgers.


Sides and desserts were brought in by different departments within the company to make this year’s BRAVO Week a success. Friday’s festivities included visits from Ace-46 driver Frank Hilton and Atlantic drivers, David Crain and Mark Clemons.


Special thanks to:

Bunny Blair for organizing this week’s celebrations,

The Paxton Family for generously sponsoring these events,

Kevin Callahan being the hero Monday, fetching the morning’s breakfast for the crew and for being our photographer,

Rick Allison for organizing the pizza party Wednesday,

                         Ace-46 driver Frank Hilton

& George Pugh for continuing to amaze us with his grilling skills.



                                                    The Paxton International Team

Employees, Edith Otalora (L) and Reggie James (R) posing

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