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Though the Paxton Companies dates its birth to 1947 when Albert Lee Paxton established Paxton Van Lines in Washington D.C., the company dates its true beginnings to 1901 when Frederick D. Paxton founded the furniture moving business District Transfer in Washington, D.C. with mules and donkeys providing all the hauling “horsepower.”

After World War II, Albert Lee Paxton’s one-truck company grew swiftly on the strength of the federal government’s need for relocation services, fueled in part by the enactment of the Marshall Plan.

In 1953, Paxton became an agent of Atlas Van Lines, the nation’s second largest household goods carrier, allowing it broaden the scope of services it offered customers beyond simple local moving and storage. By the 1960s, the company broadened its portfolio to include a wide array of commercial clients and office moving services.

In 1971 under the leadership of Albert’s son, Frederick Paxton II, Paxton Van Lines formally became The Paxton Companies, complete with an array of new business endeavors: Paxton Record Retention, Office Moving Division, Corporate Relocation Services and Paxton International.

The 80s saw the orchestration of an agent-led buyout of Atlas Van Lines, and within this family of over 500 agents, Paxton has been a perennial Top 10 booking agent for over 30 years.

The Paxton Companies now service corporate, government and educational-sector clients around the globe while still retaining the individualized customer service of a small family-owned business. It is our goal to form strong and mutually beneficial business relationships with the clients we serve, as well as with the agents with whom we work. We stand alone among our contemporaries with respect to our business relationships. Our team does not hesitate to share knowledge with our agents and clients in order to contribute to the success of all projects on which we work. We view our role as that of consultant and industry export and not only as a provider of traditional transportation services.

Over 60 years of continuous improvement and practical experience means that Paxton can offer our customers a quantifiably superior level of service; and with fully-owned facilities and equipment, Paxton also provides stability, accountability and a rock-solid assurance that your project needs will be fulfilled, regardless of fluctuations in an uncertain economy. It is this level of quality service delivery and security that attracts global clientele to Paxton, and it is our world-class customer service that turns them into life-long customers.


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