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Online Records Management

RsWeb is a powerful and convenient way to manage your own records and place orders. Have more control over your business's information, even though it's stored off-site at Paxton Record Retention's facilities.


Paxton is pleased to offer O'Neil Software's RSWeb®.NET. This product harnesses the power of the Internet and Microsoft®'s latest .NET technology, giving our customers even greater access and control over their records than ever before. RsWeb is a part of our complete suite of fully integrated software. A modern, stable and robust solution, you now have easy and enhanced access to our record center's RS-SQL database and can perform many tasks themselves, eliminating unnecessary emails, faxes and telephone calls to our facility. The power is now in your hands through a standard web browser, any time, day or night, from anywhere in the world.


Customizable data entry screens, instant reporting and even more powerful queries are at your fingertips. You can quickly and easily query our database; order services and supplies; schedule pickups and deliveries; add new or edit existing inventory information; generate reports; even monitor the status of their orders - all from your desk, saving time, eliminating costly errors and enabling greater productivity and control.

• Track and manage files and boxes anywhere in the world at any time of day or night through our real-time web portal. Paxton Clients know exactly where files are at all times.

• Barcodes are used to track all inventory and create accurate systems for managing large volumes of records.

• Audit trails are created and managed with technology. We can manage the life cycle for all items in our inventory. The warehouse operates on a secure wireless network, which provides real-time information for inventory adjustments.

• Regular upgrades are performed to ensure our clients have the leading edge technology.


For more information contact Paxton Record Retention at: 703-764-3300

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