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The Paxton Companies manage the shipment of household goods at the appropriate time during the relocation timeline.  Our Relocation Specialist explains the process to the employee and provides information on the selected van line carrier.  The Relocation Specialist coordinates with the van line to schedule pack, load, and delivery dates based on the employee's needs.  A van line representative will meet with the employee to conduct a survey and discuss scheduling requirements, special packing, storage, automobile shipment, and any other unique moving needs.


Our Relocation Specialist remains in contact with the employee and the van line through the entire move process, including the pre-move planning, shipment registration, and delivery.  We ensure all commitments are met and assist with claims settlement, if necessary.  All invoices are audited for compliance with rates, tariffs, weights, distance, and company policy.


The Paxton Companies has national van line contracts and we utilize our volume leveraging to obtain competitive discounts, while choosing carriers based on their quality performance.


The Paxton Companies' Shipment Of Household Goods Services are designed to provide an orderly transition of the employee's personal possessions from the old location to the new city by alleviating complications and coordinating scheduling.


• Move Management

• Lump Sum

• Temp Living

• Home Marketing

• Home Finding

• Home Sale

• Expense Management

• Assignment Management

• International Destination Services


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