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Military & Government

Paxton Van Lines is proud to provide national account quality to government employees and our military families!


When you are making a government move, especially with the armed forces, trust goes a long way. We're proud of our long tradition of service as a government move provider to our country. This includes work for the GSA (General Services Administration) and military personnel.Paxton  also provides flexible options for government personnel who self-move.

Paxton maintains an active network of experts and equipment for military moving at home and overseas. With our top-tier partner providers, you have a world-class resource of international movers to meet logistical challenges anywhere. Plus, our van line operations are certified to ISO 9001 standards. This ensures the consistency you expect from a specialist in military moving.

For more information contact Paxton Van Lines at: 703-321-7600




DOD Defense Personal Property Program

Paxton Van Lines is a qualified transportation service provider in DoD’s Defense Personal Property program providing interstate, intrastate, and international services to our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines.  Additionally we provide non-temporary storage (NTS) in the Washington DC metropolitan area. For more information contact the Paxton Companies at: 703-321-7600


Paxton is fully qualified in GSA’s Centralized Household Goods Management Program (CHAMP) with one of the highest customer service indexes in the program.  We are constantly developing relationships with the best overseas agencies so the Paxton Companies can move your goods and consumables throughout the world.  And unlike the competition, we have our own offices in strategic overseas locations such as Afghanistan and Iraq. We currently move some of the most demanding customers in the U.S. Government.  Your agency is just a click away from getting the same for your employees!   For more information, contact us.                 GSA# GS-33F-0004S   For more information contact The Paxton Companies at: 703-321-7600

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