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Happy Halloween

Sunday, 30 October 2011

For the past 32 years at the Paxton Companies, I have worked on the annual pumpkin kids to get ready for delivery to customers before Halloween.

In the early years, I used to carve them but not only was that a lot of work but you had to get them done and delivered very quickly because they didn't last long!

In the years to follow I started painting them and varnishing them which actually preserves them for quite a while.Picking the pumpkins is critical as they have to be a little green with no blemishes.

After picking them up they have to be washed, dried, painted and varnished. Sometimes I'll draw the faces and then paint them but it is just as easy to paint them without drawing the faces.

I'd guess that over the years I've painted more than 600 pumpkins. 

It is a lot of fun, especially when delivering them, as everyone seems to enjoy them! With retirement around the corner they may just be a real suprise next year!

Happy Halloween
Ronald Finelli
Paxton Employee Since 1974

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