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A Corporate Round Table

Monday, 09 September 2013

Today a group of Corporate HR Professionals gathered to discuss how to manage the global mobility needs of the up and coming Millenials. The Paxton Companies, Promisor Relocation, IOR, Grant Thornton and Suite Home Chicago hosted this timely luncheon at Promisor Relocation.

A highlight of the discussion was how the Millenials' needs and expectations differ from previous generations and how to respond to those unique expectations. The overall initial perception of Millenials is that they 'have a backpack and will travel'. What we have come to discover is that while they may desire a global assignment they are very particular about where they want to travel. And, they want and expect support in managing that transition.

While the Millenials like to be communicated to in modern terms (through the use of technology) they still desire the support of traditional programs and services. The discussion was insightful and engaging and everyone walked away feeling they gained a better understanding of how to successfully manage the global mobility needs and expectations of the Millenials.

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