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Paxton Hazmat Training

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

UN Identification Number

Being a successful logistics provider requires a responsible forwarder to know, understand and comply with all rules and regulations governing the lawful transport of thousands of different commodities. Because our export specialists have received extensive training in hazardous materials handling, they can better guide clients through the complex shipping process of restricted commodities such as alcohol, pharmaceuticals, communications equipment, etc. It is critical that a freight forwarder understands the international regulations in order to prevent serious damage or injury resulting from mislabeling or mishandling of some commodities. It may surprise you to know that hazardous materials are found in everyday household goods: lithium batteries, household cleaners, aerosols - all may be considered restricted or even hazardous depending on the quantity and mode of transport.

Paxton staff attending training

To better serve all clients, Paxton management organized an in-house hazmat training seminar for our export specialists in March of 2013. The three day training course conducted by a licensed handler of hazardous materials, consisted of a review and detailed explanation of the regulations for shipping hazardous materials by air, ground, and ocean; it also featured an overview of current rules related to shipping lithium ION batteries (a common item found in laptops, cameras and other household electronics) which have been under review and subject to a number of changes since January of 2012. This intense training provided our office and warehouse staff with a conceptual overview of the regulations, proper use of UN numbers, and the requirements for packing, shipping and storing hazardous goods; it is important to note that any commodity can be shipped so long as it is packaged properly by a certified hazardous packing specialist. The course also served as a refresher for those already hazmat certified while allowing them to learn the new revised regulations governing IATA dangerous goods shipping which change frequently.

Lithium ION Battery

Training is not something that stops once an employee is hired- to maintain our position as a leader in the logistics industry, Paxton is committed to ongoing professional development programs. No other firm operating today can claim to have invested more over a longer period in our staff than Paxton- it has been a cornerstone of our success not only at our headquarters in Springfield, VA but at our offices around the globe including Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Juba, South Sudan.

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