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Preventing Violence in the Workplace

Wednesday, 03 April 2013

Ron Finelli, a member of The Human Resources Association of Southern Maryland (HRASM), attended a 3 hour seminar on Violence in the Workplace. The meeting was presented by Amelex Electronics and their Corporate Security Specialist, Steve Simmons, a county Police Officer with over 13 years of law enforcement experience under his belt.

Class topics covered an array of information from preparation and identification of a violent situation to confronting and coping with the repercussions of an aggressive attack. Potential situations involving strangers, clients, coworkers, and personal relations were demonstrated while attendees learned diffusion tactics, risk assessment, and target hardening.

Ron Finelli who is a HRASM Member was amazed at the detail covered and says, “It should be a part of everyone’s employee hand book! You just never think about it happening to you but reality says otherwise.”


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