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Iraqi Staff Training Seminar

Monday, 18 March 2013

Pictured are employees who took part in the training seminar. As seen in the picture from left to right: Husain, John, Alaa, Saad, Mike, Hussein, Mustafa, Mohammad, and Shannon.

As a member of FIDI, Paxton distinguishes itself from others in the logistics industry by committing to the professional development of our staff. Whether in Washington, DC or Erbil, Iraq we are dedicated to ensuring that our crews receive the level of training necessary to uphold Paxton’s high quality standards.

As part of this commitment, John Connolly, Paxton International Vice President and Shannon Viveiros, Vice President of International Operations hosted a comprehensive training session in Iraq for Paxton staff. Team members from both our Baghdad and Erbil offices took part in the training, learning from John and Shannon’s over 50 years of combined logistics experience. The 3 day session focused on several key areas of interest for our Iraqi staff including: hazmat rules and regulations, documentation, export packing demonstrations, problem solving, US government shipping regulations, and warehouse management techniques. The training also served as a team building exercise for our crews allowing them to learn by participating in role plays based on scenarios pulled from real life.

Seminars like this are vital to maintaining the high level of service clients have come to expect from Paxton. They also facilitate open communication between our management staff in our global headquarters in the US and our crews on the ground in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and South Sudan. Training is country specific, allowing seminars to focus on regulations for a specific country or region. This type of in-country training also allows our managers and teams to learn from one another and build on everyone’s experiences.

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