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BRAVO Week (formerly Road Day)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

During the week of April 16 thru 20, Paxton Van Lines held up its long tradition of honoring our drivers for the work they do. This week is now known as BRAVO week.

In the past, this event was known as Road Day. Paxton would always celebrate by having a huge all day cookout. Employees would bring in the home made Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Chili, and various Desserts for the sweet tooth. You could often find Employee’s/Master Chef’s with the likes of our beloved Paul Poucher, Tim Ruddle, Dan Henry, Kevin Callahan, and John Gauthier. Even Fred Paxton would come out and take the sacred Spatula and turn a few burgers and dogs for our drivers. It was a very festive day indeed with Paul’s wide variety of music cranking on the radio drowning out the laughter of recycled jokes from years long past. The plumes of white smoke and smell of the grill could be seen and smelled as far as I 495.

As with everything else times are a changing, we now have BRAVO week, which still has the same purpose as Road Day. This tradition has been slightly modified in hopes that we can include more of the Long Distance drivers.

During this 5 day span Paxton Van Lines elected to honor them with 3 days of festivities. This year we chose a breakfast and 2 lunches. The breakfast was put together and arranged by Lisa Z. The breakfast consisted of Bagels and Muffins from the Chesapeake Bagel Bakery. The 1st lunch was our traditional cook out hosted by honorary Master Chef George P. George has graciously cooked 7 times for this event. Subway hosted the final lunch on Friday. Everything went well we had a few drivers show up including our own Jeff Brown.

Special thanks goes out to Bunny, Pat, Lisa, Linda R, Luis and anyone who helped and brought food in to continue this wonderful event. Also a big thank you our camera man Kevin, for the pictures below.




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