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Friendly Competitors Join Forces in Wreaths Across America

Monday, 28 December 2015

Paxton Van Lines of Springfield, VA teamed up with friendly competitor Interstate Van Lines to support Wreaths Across America, the program that places Christmas wreaths from Maine on veteran’s graves in national cemeteries across the country.

Interstate Van Lines volunteered the warehouse space and teamed up with Paxton Van Lines for additional labor and forklift operators in a joint effort. Both company’s crews and volunteers unloaded the cardboard, plastic, and wood debris from the trailers supporting the wreath laying at Arlington National Cemetery. They then separated the packing materials so they could be taken away for recycling. “It’s the kind of behind scenes activities that you don’t see on the news that helps to make the event such a huge success,” says Kevin Callahan of Paxton.

Don Queenie of Arpin, JD Morrissette, Ken Morrissette, and Jeff Shellberg of Interstate Van Lines, and the Paxton team agreed, they pulled together in a fantastic effort of organizing a well-coordinated event.

Bill Paxton, COO, and team organizers would like to thank all of the volunteers that came out to support the Wreaths Across America Program. Kudos go out to Dan Henry, Dave Kelly, Ineta Rusina, and Mariko Hein and her husband, Ken, and Paxton’s government account consultant, Bob Trempe for lending their support to this worthwhile endeavor. As usual the men and women that make up our operational and front-line customer facing team, came through like champs once again!!


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