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LACMA Earth a Program for Planet Conservation

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Paxton International was eager to participate in and contribute to the LACMA Earth program for the 6th consecutive year since the programs inception with Freddy Paxton and Mindy Cafiero as the attendees. Paxton International received a certificate for our support of the LACMA Earth program.

The Latin America and Caribbean Movers Association (LACMA) launched LACMA Earth in 2009 in order to encourage ‘clean travel’ among members. The programs goal is to reduce or mitigate the carbon dioxide, or greenhouse gases, produced through travel to the LACMA conference each year by its attendees. The program works by receiving compensation equivalent to the amount of greenhouse gas produced to attend the convention. The compensation received is invested into the program to preserve rainforests in Costa Rica. LACMA works in conjunction with FONAFIFO (Costa Rican forest protection agency) on this project and has increased the amount of protected rainforest in Costa Rica each year since its onset.

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