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Secure Shredding

A comprehensive records management program should include a retention schedule which identifies all record series and the dates which they are eligible for review/destruction. Following this schedule can help your business comply with Federal, State and local laws, reduce the cost of storing outdated records, and can possibly help avoid costly litigation and fines. At the completion of your company's purge, a certificate of destruction is issued for all documents shredded at our secured facility.


In addition, Paxton also offers locked and secured shred bins that can stay on0site for a low flat rate. Shred bins offer an alternative to securely disposing of the paperwork that needs to be shredded without the hassle of boxing up items.


"Instead of onsite, or mobile destruction, more clients are requesting off-site destruction of their business information. The benefits associated with off-site destruction are that it's less expensive, safer for the environment and can be more secure. Companies no longer have to assign one of their employees to stand outside to verify that the company's confidential material is shredded on-site. Noise and pollution are significantly reduced when companies opt for off-site shredding. And clients still receive a certificate of destruction and a sense of assurance through a closed-loop process." - SDB Magazine May/June 2010


With over 22 years in the Records and Information Management field, Paxton Record Retention can help your organization design and implement a comprehensive records management program, which includes the timely, cost effective destruction of eligible documents. Paxton can custom design a shredding program to meet your specific requirements. Weekly, monthly or on-demand, Paxton will provide uniformed, insured and trained couriers to transport your documents to our ISO Certified, record center, or convenient secured Paxton Shred Bins are provided at your locations.


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