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1611 Updates

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


1-Please welcome, Cheryl Wyatt to the 1611 staff. Her new role will be Local Assistant Dispatch! We are excited to have her and please give her a warm Paxton Welcome!


2-The Monument Avenue 10K is a big deal here in Richmond. This past weekend, we had 6 employees, plus 5 family members or friends participate in the 6.2 Mile event. This event has been a Richmond tradition for the past 12 years and this year bringing in a total of 46k people! It was a fun team building event for our office Our Motto: Team Paxton-Get Movin’!


3-Have you ever seen A&E’s Show Hoarders? The Richmond Office has partnered up with the team from the show Clutter Cleaners and we have set up a referral program with them. We are very excited! Clutter Cleaner is growing, expanding, and exploring many other options on a national basis. We look forward to helping them in their ventures utilizing not only our Services at the Paxton Level but at our Atlas family level too!




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