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International Moving Tips

Thursday, 02 June 2016

The busy summer moving season is upon us again, below are some tips to help ensure that you have a smooth international move.

• Plan early- an international move takes time, make sure to plan additional time to account for unforeseen delays

• Double the time you think you will need- don’t add to the stress of moving by rushing the process

• Weekends and days surrounding national holidays book up first- if you have a particular date in mind don’t wait to schedule your move; have some alternative dates lined up just in case your date is not available

• Schedule a pick up by local charity for day before move (you can always cancel if you don't need it)- for the items that you aren’t taking with you or putting into storage think about donating them to a local charity

• Never schedule home repairs or other vendors during a move- having multiple vendors on site may compromise your insurance coverage, not to mention cause confusion during the move

• ALWAYS insure your effects- things can and do get damaged during the move process, make sure you have the proper coverage in place for your personal effects

• Keepsakes cannot be replaced- take them with you personally, put these in your suitcase if possible

• Make a video inventory of your effects a week before your move- it is also a valuable tool for your homeowner's/renter's insurance

• NEVER move less than a week after wood floors have been varnished/installed- moving is hard on floors, you don’t want to increase the potential for damage

• If you move yourself- make use of used boxes from your neighborhood professional mover

• Don’t overlook the little things- always check packing paper for hardware before recycling/discarding

• Secure your last moment items- Store your wallet, keys, passport, airline tickets, etc. in a secure location outside of the items you are planning to ship or store to ensure they are not packed in error- you don’t want to unpack your entire shipment just to get to these required items

• Use a reputable mover with the right qualifications- FIDI, IAM, or PROMOVER- you want to ensure that you get a mover that you can trust

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