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Helping to Bring Democracy to Egypt - Paxton Delivers!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Countries involved in the Arab Spring

In December of 2010 the Arab world began to experience a wave of violent and non-violent protests against regimes in power across the region, the movement was later dubbed the Arab Spring by journalists. Protesters sought more freedom and transparency in their governments. In some countries like Libya the protests were met with violence and civil war. In Egypt, protests began in January of 2011 forcing change within the Egyptian government and ousting long time Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. In December of 2012 Egyptians voted for a controversial new constitution which mandated new elections for the “People’s Assembly” the parliamentary arm of the Egyptian government.

The "People's Assembly" in Egypt


In March of 2013 Paxton International delivered more than 300,000 ballot boxes for use in the elections of the “People’s Assembly.” The specialty, transparent and tamper proof ballot boxes were shipped in 8 forty foot containers from Copenhagen, Denmark to Cario Egypt. These ballot boxes are the very same ones being used by the United Nations to help ensure free and fair elections around the world.

Transparent Ballot box


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