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Why we do what we do

Monday, 18 February 2019

Working in the international moving industry is not a career that all set out for, yet it seems to be more of a job that you fall into and turn into a career for any variety of reasons.  For me, it was the personal connections created with virtual strangers around the globe that drew me in and has kept me there.

One of the most standout moments in my career began on a day where I saw a jumble of letters scroll across my phone display. I answered the phone and heard the deep voice and heavy French accent of an older woman I would come to know as Mimi. She was distraught, her son and only living relative was a world away in New York and was very ill. She wanted to bring him and his belongings home to Paris but did not have the first inclination about where to start. I worked very closely with her speaking nearly every day, providing support - not just guidance and assistance with the move but emotional support.  I was an ear for her troubles and a familiar voice she could count on. As the months went on I realized that the tone of Mimi’s voice certainly did not reflect that tragically sweet woman on the other end of the line. Every time I saw Mimi scroll across my phone display I picked up that phone, no matter the hour, no matter how busy I was - I felt a duty, an obligation to this dear woman.

Ultimately her son and his goods were delivered safely to Paris and that was where I expected the story to end but then one day I arrived at work to find a package waiting at my desk for me. Inside was a gorgeous and delicate hand blown vase along with a set of quaint French bookends and a lengthy handwritten note from no other than Mimi. She expressed her most sincere thanks even comparing me to the daughter she never had and insisted that I would always have a place in Paris. To this day I keep her note with me.  It  memorializes those series of moments that began a truly personal connection.  And that’s why we do what we do!

Nancy Billingsley, Senior International Specialist

Paxton International

Washington, D.C.


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